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How to play

To start playing touch the icon on the main menu.

To move the pieces of the puzzle you have to touch and drag them to the right position.

When a piece is placed in its correct position, a green frame appears and a happy note sounds.

If you try to place a piece in a wrong position, appers a red frame and sounds a disgusting note.

Press the button MENU to see the avaliable options.

Press the button BACK to undo the last order.

On the main screen you can set all the options.


Main screen

In the center of the screen you'll see a picture of the last puzzle played.

You can START a new game or CONTINUE the last puzzle.

When you start a game, you'll se how many pieces you have and if this icon appears:

It shows you that the pieces can be rotated.

In the bottom of the screen you have a bar with three options:

- Select a new image.

- Change the settings: number of pieces, rotation...

- Access to this help menu.




You can choose the number of pieces of the puzzle. By touching the screen it appears a list with the different numbers of pieces. 12, 20, ..

Parameters of the game

• Rotable pieces.

The pieces can be rotate. To rotate a piece, touch with the finger and it will appear a little icon indicating that the piece has been rotated.

• View original.

While you are playing you can press the button MENU and then select the icon SEE PICTURE to see the original picture. Touch the screen to continue playing.

• Block correct pieces.

The pieces placed in the right position can't be moved. If you try to move them, you'll see a red frame and you'll hear a disgusting sound.

• Place automatically.

By touching twice a piece, it will be placed automatically in the right position.

• Move in block.

This option allows you to move many pieces that fit between they, but aren´t placed in the right position. You can undo the block placing another piece above.


• See timer.

Shows the time of the game at the top of the screen. If you use an action that penalizes, you'll see the time added in red color.

• Sounds.

Here you can enable or disable the sounds of the game.


Select puzzle

In this game you can pick the images by different ways.


The game comes with predefined images.

Capture web

You can make a puzzle with every image from the web.

If you choose this option, your browser will take you to your home page.

WARNING: By using this option your phone will use the predefined conection: Wifi, GSM...

You can browse to choose your image. And interesting option is to use the image search from Google, Yahoo, ...

Once you have the image in your screen touch the button CAPTURE and the image will be ready to play.

With the MENU button you can:

• Go to...

It leads you to favorites.


It allows you to enter the web adress like http://www.google.com

• Capture window

The same as the button CAPTURE.

• Save URL

You can save the adress as a favorite.

• Back

You'll the previous webpage.

• Change home

By touching the option MORE, it appears the option change home that leads you to your main page on internet.

Show internet captures

It'll appear a list with your pictures from internet. Touch to select one of them. To remove pictures from this list use a folder viewer like IO File Manager to go to the folder sdcar/puzzlewebimages and remove your pictures.

Take photo

With this option you can take a photo and use it as a puzzle.

Show photos

It'll appear a list with all your photos in your phone. Touch to select and play a puzzle.


Level, record, penalization


When you complete a puzzle you'll see the button NEXT LEVEL.

In the initial level you have the fewest number of pieces (with no rotated pieces.)

With every level the number of pieces will increase up to the maximum(that depends on your screen's size).

The next level will be the one with the fewest number of pieces rotated, and it will continue increasing up to the maximum number of rotated pieces.


In every level the shortest time will be saved.

On the main menu, you have the option RECORDS, where you can see your times in every level.

For evey number of pieces, with rotation or without, you'll se the time penalized and the total time.

At the right of every record you have the button RESET, at the bottom there is the option RESET ALL.


By using some helps, you'll recieve the suitable time penalizations.

• If you see the original picture. 10 secs.

• If you place automatically: 15 secs.

• Move in block penalizes 1 sec. multiplied by the number of pieces. Only penalizes at the beginning of the game.

• Block correct pieces penalizes you 2 secs. multiplied by the number of pieces. Only at the beginning.

In every penalization you'll see the seconds added in red on the top of the screen.


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